A New Start or Back to Work

Last week the schools started again after the summer holidays. Some kids are going back to what they know but others are starting in new classes or even new schools. There are new challenges, with maybe even a whole new location, new teachers, and classmates.

For us adults, this time of year usually means getting back into our old work routine, hopefully bringing back some inspiration from our time away. These first few weeks are not always easy. Getting used to getting up early, the commute, and being organised again, especially for those of us juggling work and childcare, can take time. Those of us starting something new, for example, taking on new responsibilities, taking up a new position, starting a training course, or even relocating, will need to make new routines. It might seem like an uphill struggle at first. There’s so much to learn, but it’s normal to be frightened of making mistakes and of what people think of you. The only way out is to keep going.

The good news is that after the initial “shock” things calm down. You get into a routine, or back into a routine, and life is more peaceful again. The same is true of learning a language. The beginning is tough. Re-starting is tough and can be tougher. Real and perceived failures from the past haunt us and make it difficult to get started. The only way out is through. Build a routine and stick to it. Don’t let mistakes stop you from going on. You might find that a break has given you just the inspiration and perspective that you needed to get to the next level.

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