Private English conversation sessions and writing lessons in Zurich and online

If you want to have a successful language learning experience, the best way is to make a meaningful connection with its culture and the way it is used to communicate in real life.

  • Are you lacking the confidence you need when speaking English in public?
  • Are you still struggling to find the right words when speaking, even after years of learning the language?
  • Do you find yourself tempted to use translation software to write emails and other documents because you’re afraid of making mistakes?
  • Do you want to learn how to write convincingly and persuasively in English to take your business or career to the next level?

I have developed a teaching method to help you, and people like you, to feel that English is your language. To connect you to the English that you need to achieve your goals.

Student Feedback

The lessons are customized to my requirements. I participated in setting the goals and learning methods. Sally is patient and humorous so the lessons are relaxed but very educational. She uses an online program for learning cards that I find helpful. During the last six lessons I learned more than I hoped at the beginning. I will definitely continue improving my English know-how with Sally.


Writing or Conversation?

Do you need to improve your speaking fluency?

I offer engaging conversation lessons where we discuss the subjects relevent to you and your interests. Feedback on common errors and work on pronunciation and vocabulary expansion is included.

Do you need help writing reports, emails or scripts?

I can help you perfect your grammar, teach you writing etiquette appropriate to your audience, increase your vocabulary and develop a natural engaging style of writing with my bespoke writing lessons.

About me

  • I’m a native English speaker from England but also fluent in German and therefore the specific difficulties you can face in learning the language.
  • I will take time to get to know what you need to learn and your goals as a language learner at the beginning of, and throughout the course.
  • I Love grammar and like to teach it in an easy and understandable way by connecting what you learn to real life.
  • I have two decades of experience teaching people like you to connect to English.

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How does it Work? My Teaching Method

The best way to gain fluency and confidence in, and understanding of, a language is to make a meaningful connection with its culture and the way it is used to communicate in the real world.

This is how I help my students to connect:

  • Investigation: I analyse the students’ needs and goals throughout the course, not just at the beginning, using notes I make during our sessions. In this way I can constantly update the course programme, including new topics and language as my clients’ requirements change over time.
  • Connection: I only use real-life, authentic media and current topics from English speaking cultures that the student is interested in. During the lesson, I introduce new language points using the topic as context and we discuss issues surrounding it. In writing lessons we discuss the student’s own work and other written pieces from the same genre.
  • Consolidation: Each student has their own private learning platform which I update with the current homework, their aims, a summary of each lesson and a link to a Quizlet, which is an online tool to learn the vocabulary from the lesson. This way, students have a clear overview of their progress and have a structure to continue learning English throughout the week if they wish to do so.

Your Learning Platform

I offer a learning platform to each of my students in order to give an overview of their goals and a summary of each lesson. I also include a link to their personal Quizlet that I add words to each week for them to learn. You can visit an example site here (The password is Example)

I like to experiment with different ways of presenting grammar topics, mostly concentrating on errors typically made by native German and Swiss German Speakers. You can see the results here and on my youtube channel.


Lesson location:

Lessons take place online, in your home or at your place of work or in a cosy café in the centre of Zurich.



CHF 80 for 60 minutes one-to-one

Writing and Grammar

From CHF 105 for 60 minutes one-to-one lesson and up to 700 words correction.

Correction only / Extra Correction

0.05 CHF per word

Contact Details

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask a question or book a trial lesson

(60 CHF for 60 minutes)

077 489 19 21

Contact Form

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