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Pronunciation: Do you have a case of terminal devoicing?

When you say “peas” and “peace” do the words sound the same? What about “pick” and “pig”? or “dug” and “duck”? If they do you might be suffering from terminal devoicing. It sounds serious, but don’t worry, despite its name, there is a cure. We’ll get to that later. First, what is it, and whoContinue reading “Pronunciation: Do you have a case of terminal devoicing?”

Having a bad day

One thing I have noticed as a language learner and teacher is that on some days speaking a foreign language is much harder than on others. Sometimes I have days that I really find it difficult to express myself in German and some days students, who I know are pretty fluent in English seem toContinue reading “Having a bad day”

A New Start or Back to Work

Last week the schools started again after the summer holidays. Some kids are going back to what they know but others are starting in new classes or even new schools. There are new challenges, with maybe even a whole new location, new teachers, and classmates. For us adults, this time of year usually means gettingContinue reading “A New Start or Back to Work”


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