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Different language open new worlds, new ideas and new horizons. As you discover another language you are going on a journey and learning to see the world from a different angle. It’s my job to accompany you on this journey. I’m Sally Welti a professional English teacher and coach of nearly 20 years offering English lessons and coaching online and in Zurich.

Talk your way to success

The difference between my courses and conventional conversation courses is that you will not only before more fluent in speaking, but also learn from your mistakes and have the opportunity to work on areas of language that you find most difficult. By using my custom online platform you will have the opportunity to work on these areas at home leaving the precious lesson time to enhance your speaking skills. The importance of working on specific elements of grammar depends on your specific goals. You also have the opportunity to cover more challenging areas of the language during our weekly sessions.

Group Courses 50 plus

As part of the Town Square teaching community, I offer group lessons on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons to over 50-year-olds in the historic brewhouse in Uster.

Write engaging and professional sounding online content

Do you have to write content in English as part of your company’s online marketing campaign? Are you daunted by the idea of writing persuasive copy in your second or third language?

In my bespoke one-on-one lessons, I can give you the tools and the confidence to write persuasive copy that can open up a new English-speaking customer base and grow your business.

I can also analyse your existing texts to improve the natural flow and appropriateness of the language, if you wish.

My Teaching Method

My English sessions are designed to bring my students closer to the language by always having a connection to real life. Whether you’re learning some new point of grammar, testing new phrases, practicing pronunciation or improving your conversation skills, everything can, and must be treated as a method of communicating something in order to achieve a personal goal. By using current newspapers and magazines from English speaking countries, Videos and material, for example, released by my clients company, we can ensure that the focus is on learning the language you will really need in real life.

By regularly assessing the goals and effectiveness of the course, creating a lasting connection with the language and ensuring that that language covered is sufficiently entrenched in your long-term memory you will become more confident in your langugae skills, more flexible in your use of them and attain new understanding of the language.

Blended learning has been proven to accelerate learning

Studies have shown that a combination of in person and online lessons reduces errors, improves learning and increases student engagement. I have developed an online learning platform that I tailor to each student. This platform includes a summary of the previous lessons, links to cards with the vocabulary learned in each lesson, and exercises and other tasks that students can complete at home. This service is free of charge.

Get in touch

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a trial lesson (50.- CHF) or a free telephone consultation.

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