Irish Duo Project

Hi, I’m Sally (41) and I’m looking for a partner for my Irish duo project. I play the violin, the guitar and I sing. Ideally my partner would play a rhythm instrument, for example, guitar, accordian, hurdy gurdy, pipes, banjo, harp…. and another melody instrument, for example, flute, whistle, fiddle etc… and sing. But I’m not fussy!

Aim: Fun! Several paid gigs a year, definitely St Patricks (17th March) Play at a few openmics together throughout the year. Maybe up to 6 proper gigs a year in a few years. Have a set list of 20+ of our favorite traditional, Irish/British and our own songs. A trip to Ireland or England for some gigs or openmic sessions would be good in the future.

Time commitment: Rehearsal from 2-3 hours every two weeks somewhere Kanton Zürich, but we can meet halfway. Time to learn the songs and tunes at home and up to 6 gigs a year in the future. Time needed to take publicity photos and make demo recordings.

Here’s something I’ve done before (videos below). The idea would be that we both take turns singing songs or, if you don’t sing, we can do some instrumentals.

Ich kann auch Deutsch. Falls du fragen hast, nur zu!

If you’re interested, send me some recordings and we can chat.

Kontakt: 077 489 1921

playlist of possible songs

Rough recordings (Giti/Voc), Nothing’s fixed!! Downloads Below, Fiddle to follow…ok…the keys are incorrect…

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