Professional private English coaching in Zurich and online

I’m Sally Welti a professional English teacher and Coach of nearly 20 years. Although I am from England originally, I live and work in Zurich, Switzerland, where I offer comprehensive private English lessons. My lessons are tailor made to suit my clients and are available at your place of work, at home or online. I’m looking forward to meeting you to discuss your needs in English or in German.

I also run an English Conversation group that my students can join for free. Sign up here.

What I offer

Do you need help writing reports, emails or scripts?

I can help you perfect your grammar, teach you writing etiquette appropriate to your audience, increase your vocabulary and develop a natural, engaging style of writing, with my bespoke writing lessons.

Would you like to improve your speaking fluency?

I offer engaging conversation lesson where we discuss the subjects relevent to you and your interests. Feedback on common errors and work on pronunciation and vocabulary expansion is also part of the course.

My teaching methology

In my lessons I bring my students closer to English by making sure that there is always a connnection to real life. Whether we’re learning grammar or writing style, pronunciation or conversation, everything can, and must be treated as a means of communication that fufils a purpose. By using current magazins and newspapers from here and abroad, videos, as well as, for example, documents from the client’s place of work, we can always have the connection between the language learnt and it’s real-life use as the main focus.

This is how it works

  • Each course’s goals, set at the beginning, are regulary reviewed and if necessary altered, in order to ensure they are still up to date and being met.
  • The language is always learnt in connection with real world situations so that the students can start to use it correctly straight away.
  • Students are given enough time to practice the language, whether in the spoken or written form, with the aim of embedding it firmly into their memories.

Student Feedback

The lessons are customized to my requirements. I participated in setting the goals and learning methods. Sally is patient and humorous so the lessons are relaxed but very educational. She uses an online program for learning cards that I find helpful. During the last six lessons I learned more than I hoped at the beginning. I will definitely continue improving my English know-how with Sally.


About me

Hello! My name is Sally Welti. I’ve been an English teacher since 2001 and since 2020 the owner of my own language school. After growing up in Bedford in southern England and training to be an English teacher I moved to German and then to Switzerland in 2004. In my free time I can often be found in a bar or club around Zurich jamming with friends or playing some of my own songs.

I love languages. As I have lived in Switzerland and learnt German for nearly twenty years, I know the importance of a connection to, not only the grammar and vocabulary, but also the culture of the language you are learning.

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things

Flora Lewis

After teaching English in language schools for many years, I decided to open my own language school because in private lessons, and without the pressure of an obligatory syllabus and school philosophy, I can better teach in the authentic way that best serves my students.


Lessons take place online, at your home, place of work or in a cosy café in the centre of Zürich


Conversation lesson: 80.- CHF (70.- online) for 60 Minutes

Writing: 105.- CHF (90.- CHF online) + up to 700 words correction

Trial lesson: 60.- CHF (50.- CHF online) for 60 Minutes

Sally’s English Café: 20.- for one session (Free for students)





Contact details

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to ask a question or book a trial lesson.

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